"We had had a very difficult time selling our home in this market until we engaged Dee and then, extraordinarily, our home was shown, sold and closed only four weeks later! To us it seems like a miracle but really it occurred as a result of Dee's great skill, expertise and knowledge of the real-estate market in the East Bay. We were so lucky to have found her. She is a true gem."
-- Marilyn and David Nemec

We purchased a high-end home last year in the Claremont Hills, and Dee was our agent. We had a complex deal that had several major issues... including selling a home and obtaining a permit... but everything fell nicely into place that's to Dee's professionalism, energy, and experience. In addition, she instilled confidence, which was important to us after having had an unpleasant and stressful experience with our selling agent. She is a class act and we would not hesitate to employ her services again.
-- Terry Vogl and Jane Saltzman, Berkeley, CA

Re: 77 Bowling, Oakland, CA
Because the listing of 77 Bowling was not an ordinary listing for us, we required someone in whom we could place our confidence and trust. Dee worked tirelessly with us to prepare the property for market. Dee coordinated all activities for The Nature Conservancy and made sure contractors submitted the appropriate paperwork in order to receive their checks in a timely way. We asked a lot of Dee, just to prepare the property for marketing, and everything worked seamlessly because of her dedication to, and hard work on, this project! I would highly recommend Dee Knowland to anyone looking to sell their residence in Oakland. Our trust in Dee at the beginning proved to be well-placed. The level of service Dee provided was exemplary and, if we had to do it all over again, we would choose Dee.
-- John Dwelley, Dispositions Manager, The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, VA

Dear Dee,
I just wanted to say “you’re the greatest!”
You and your team of professionals worked miracles when it came to selling my Berkeley home of 45 years. I could not begin to imagine how I was going to get from where I was, which was wanting to sell, to actually being able to sell all by myself. All of my collectibles and memorabilia of 45 years made the thought of selling, both scary and impossible. I had other alternatives but you were obviously the correct choice. You came in with a vision and a plan. In almost no time, you realized what had to be done to present my home in the best possible manner. You provided the people to clean it out and the experts to appraise and buy my furniture. Your concept of an upscale garage sale was a wonderful success, netting me over $5,000 in just one day. Then you sold the house within 10 days and managed to have 12 offers on it in the process. It was just too incredible to be true… but it was. The result was beyond my wildest dreams and I am deeply indebted to you. Your knowledge and vision have allowed me to live out my dream. I am retiring from the church and leaving soon after the close to join my partner in our restaurant in Brazil. I could not have done it without you. Thank you so very much! If I were staying in Berkeley I would love to recommend you to friends and colleagues as their needs arose. I hope this letter might accomplish the same purpose. Affectionately,
-- Jim Partridge, 1072 Keeler Avenue in Berkeley

I want to belatedly thank you and your very able staff for handling the sale of my home in the Rockridge area of the Oakland hills in November and December 2005. When I made a decision to sell in October 2005, the market had already slowed, the rains had come, and financial advisors said it was a terrible time to put something on the market. Furthermore, I still had much work to do on my place before it would be ready for show. Given this rather bleak background, you stepped in to ably assist me. You not only immediately undertook to do what every Realtor routinely does, but more importantly you went far beyond what is required (or even expected) of a Realtor. You gave me guidance; you brought skilled craftsmen in to finish certain projects; you made excellent recommendation; and you even let me use the garden furniture form your home to stage my back yard. And throughout, you took a very personal interest in making sure everything was done properly and in the best interest of my property. You followed through on every detail. You never let the ball drop on anything. Additionally, you arranged to have not only good and effective advertising, but you somehow managed to get the very best advertising throughout the Bay Area. Most importantly though, Dee, as an individual – not just as a Realtor - you were professional, thoughtful, considerate, and always gracious. Selling a home – and getting it prepared for sale – can be a very stressful and difficult experience. But working with you was a pleasure. Not once during the process did you in any way add to my stress. Just the opposite, you relieved a great deal of the pressure that just naturally comes with the territory. And you got results. My home sold quickly, and for a price that other Realtors had told me was not possible. I will forever be grateful for your kind assistance. -- Cade Morrow

As you may know, we are one of the premier builders in the Oakland Hills. Over recent years, we have built and sold over 30 homes in the Upper Rockridge area. All of these homes have sold within two weeks of their listing. It is with great pleasure I recommend to you Mrs. Dee Knowland. We have been working with her as our agent since 1993, and have enjoyed much success. Her knowledge of the market, most especially in the Claremont Pines area of Upper Rockridge, combined with her personal style and marketing prowess make her the premier agent in the area.
-- Wendle Schoniger, President, August Company

Dee Knowland helped me to both buy and later sell my Montclair home. Dee sold my home in five days with six offers... and I got $106,000 over asking price! When the buyers started to experience "buyer's remorse" and became demanding and difficult, Dee was able to keep the deal together through diplomatic negotiations with the buyers' agent. Throughout the process she was easily accessible. In fact, she often initiated the calls in order to see how I was holding up! Her reputation and contacts within the community brought a great deal of credibility to the entire process. I would not hesitate to have Dee serve as my representative in future transactions.
-- Joanne Suffis

We initially chose to work with Dee because of her vivacious personality. But as we've bought and sold homes, we've been so impressed with her problem solving, her attentiveness to detail, her hand holding and caring attitude. She's a bundle of ideas and knowledge. She and her team have our highest recommendation!
-- Audap and Page

Dee Knowland has sold five homes for me since 1995. I have worked with a number of agents over the years, and I think Dee is the best. She has always worked very hard at selling our homes. She knows many people, and has lots of connections, important for any agent who wants to be successful. She is a very talented negotiator, and that combined with her charming personality makes her a very unique and effective salesperson. I have referred her to several friends, all of whom were pleased. Dee always makes it happen, and makes it fun.
-- David Finger

Dee is wonderful... so enthusiastic, encouraging, patient, knowledgeable, honest, and supportive. She kept us informed every step of the way. She is experienced, and a woman of wisdom. Our house sold in 10 days, for $45,000 over the asking price... and Dee made it all happen. She knows the best people who are the best at their jobs. She has the ability to make a difficult experience as pleasurable and painless as possible. Dee is one of the nicest people we know!
-- Barbara and Tom Ayer

I met Dee Knowland at one of her Open Houses in the mid-1990s. I was immediately blown away with how well the house was presented and how well Dee represented it. After speaking with her and visiting some of Dee's other Open House locations, I saw a consistent pattern of excellence in all regards. When I started building my own high-end spec homes in Oakland and Berkeley, it was a "no-brainer" which realtor I would use - Dee Knowland. That was one of the best "critical success" decisions I made in my business. Over the next dozen years, Dee was so professional and experienced that she was able to bring multiple offers on the houses, several of them in excess of my asking price. Additionally, I had Dee represent me in the sale of three of my personal residences and found the experience to be very satisfactory, successful, and a breeze. I heartily recommend Dee Knowland to anyone who is either buying or selling a home. She is the consummate professional.
-- Leonard R. Perillo, Leonard R. Perillo Investments I, L.L.C.

This letter is to recommend Dee Knowland at Pacific Union Real Estate. Dee has proven herself on numerous occasions to be a polished professional with extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, the Rockridge market, and the sale of newly constructed homes.
-- Mark Becker

I would like to thank you for your remarkable performance in the handling of our Oakland home. I do not believe anyone else in the world could have managed to act so competently as a realtor, decorator, and even a contractor. Your timely juggling of all the loose ends was truly an amazing feat. My wife and I recommend you, and only you, to represent anyone interested in purchasing or selling real estate.
-- Robert Brandfield, M. D.